Ganik Confectionery Turkish Delight Halva Jam Marmalade

This is a sweet story began with establishing of Ganik Şekerleme by Şekerci Hacı Ali in his own town İskilip. From that date, Ganik Şekerleme is a place that
candies were produced safely and meticulously. When it was named, Ganik was prefered because of the meaning of Ganik in İskilip: "To be full of meal."
From 1953 to our time, the second generation people who took over from Şekerci Hacı Ali improved the company to today's modern position with its
European standard. They realized the dream of Şekerci Hacı Ali by improving professionally.

Years ago, it was established as just a little factory; but today Ganik Şekerleme Food Factory & Trade Co. has 4000 m2 covered production area and also
7000 m2 uncovered area. So with these whole modern production facilities, Ganik Şekerleme has a basic mission about producing our traditional desserts
with quality. Today, as much as it offers service to Turkey, it also serves to the world with approximately 60 staff. And its vision about the future is producing
more product range except tahina halvah, jam, Turkish delight, hazelnut cream with cocoa, tahina and molasses.

As a company with your support for 50 years, it will always continue to be "the sweet face of life" by producing all these products with great quality.